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Compositing Reel 2013

03_MadMax (00064)

Just finished my new compositing reel for 2013 and was able to work in some never before seen shots from Choices along the way! Check it out below…

Looking Skywards with Got Aerial LLC

Just finished a motion graphics project for rc aerial photography & cinematography company Got Aerial last week. This was my first project working with the Element 3D plugin for After Effects from VideoCopilot.

First impressions working with the plugin are definitely promising. The biggest issues I ran into depend on what 3d tracker you employ to work with Element. I had some solid tracks with the 3D Camera Tracker plugin that ships with AE CS6, but, too often, the shots proved to be a little too much for the tracker to deliver anything solid due to the constant changes in perspective. Ultimately, I relied on The Foundry’s CameraTracker for most of the shots with very reliable results. The reel title mountain ridge flyover, however, proved to be too much for either the 3D Camera Tracker or the Foundry CameraTracker. For this particular case, I found the best results with PfTrack which provided me with a rock-solid track that I was able to use for both the Element 3D Text and the main title “The Art of Flying” which I created in Cinema 4D. Originally, I had created the title with the Element plugin, but, due to some strange artifacting, I switched to C4D to solve the issue. Overall, it was a fun and challenging project and an excellent opportunity to log my first project run with Element & AE CS6!

Check out the final results below. All footage by Got Aerial LLC and music by Krewella.

YouTube Preview Image

31 Days of Horror – Day 01 – The Host

Well, it’s that time of year again and, being inspired by seeing The Cabin in the Woods this weekend, I thought I’d try to put together a list of some great horror movies you’ve probably never seen. I’m not trying to assemble this list as a countdown or even a best of the best, but rather a compilation of great horror movies that never got the press they should have. So, in the spirit of the season, here’s the first of 31 great horror films you should see.

Day 1 – The Host

The Host is, first and foremost, a straight-up creature feature. Created by FX masters at The Orphanage, the monster is beautifully rendered and totally believable. The entire creature production was an amazing feat in and of itself as the post crew had to be able to teleconference regularly with the film’s creators in Korea with dailies and design samples to ensure the integrity of the filmmaker’s vision. In other words, watch the behind the scenes featurette if you can track down the DVD or Blu-ray to get a better idea of the logistic challenges of making the monster! Aside from the creature, alone, it’s actually a really good movie that will remind alot of people of Jaws. Anyway, here’s the links for more info . . .

The Host on IMdB

The Orphanage’s Transpacific Creature Effects for The Host

and, of course, the trailer

YouTube Preview Image

How 3D films are made

I came across this really interesting article on how several recent 3d films have been put together and thought I’d share!


Brainstorm VFX – Revisioning Atlantic City

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Boardwalk Empire, but, I’ll have to admit, they slipped in more visual effects shots of old Atlantic City and the Boardwalk, itself, than I realized. Check out all the work that went into digitally re-creating the sights and sounds courtesy of Brainstorm VFX.

YouTube Preview Image


ETSU Public Housing Clinic Presentation

Just got this opener together and approved for the College of Nursing to be used in their presentation to a national nursing conference on the plan of care regarding their Public Housing Clinic initiatives with the JCHC. Script, narration, and photography supplied by the ETSU College of Nursing with additional photography courtesy of University Photographer Charles Warden. Video footage filmed by Zion Madden of ETSU Digital Media Services. I was responsible for motion graphics, animation, and scoring with Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, and SonicFire Pro. Nothing super special here, but I thought I’d share the results.

Playing with fire

Moving Picture Company released a new FX breakdown recently that showcases an awesome frozen time effect in a burning room. Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image


MPC – Revisioning Clash of the Titans

I remember going to the the old school Harry Hamlin flick when I was a kid, and, when I heard about the remake, I thought the same as a lot of people – BAD IDEA.  Then I saw it – sans 3D on Blu-Ray – and I did a complete 180.  Maybe it didn’t hold up for some critics, but I was more than pleased.  So, just in case you were wondering, here’s some of how they made it happen.

YouTube Preview Image

Man, it must be awesome to have a team like that.

Bird Lady VFX

Ever thought Swan Lake could work as the backdrop for a horror film?  Neither did I until I saw the trailer for Black Swan.  Check out this breakdown clip of the vfx shots from Darren Oronofsky’s newest.

YouTube Preview Image

Check out Oronofsky’s interview with on the Horror of Black Swan here.

The Dyer’s Eve Film Project – VFX Breakdowns

Just uploaded these to add to the new compositing site.  Brings back memories for sure.

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