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The Digital Wolfman

I came across this the other day and thought I’d share.  It’s a vfx breakdown of the digital transformations and digital makeup for the recent Wolfman movie.

YouTube Preview Image

Pretty impressive stuff, but it’s hard to top a classic.

YouTube Preview Image

Recent project – Hut TV

I was recently contracted to provide some broadcast graphics, visual effects, and video editing for  The subject of their promotional videos was the First Annual African Angelz Fashion Show in Sacramento, CA earlier this year.  The show featured performances by recording artist Koby Maxwell and comedian Michael Blackson as well as fashions from top African designers and models by way of African Angelz.

Have a look.


So the first entry is always the one that you rack your brain over.  You know, the blank screen with the flashing cursor that just teases you to challenge its sheer nothingness.  It’s not unlike the first time you sit down to hash out a plot or a story.  You keep telling yourself that the best way to get started is to get something – anything – on that page, no matter the irrelevance.  So you start typing . . . and then a few moments later you find yourself jabbing impulsively at the Backspace key to purge your conscience of the irrelevant and poorly worded verbal garbage that initially seemed so clever and relevant.

More staring at the blinking cursor followed by countless attempts to get that opening passage just right.

But, that’s just it – it’s not right.  None of it is.  No carefully crafted series of words, no cleverly concocted witty phrases, and no grand sweeping statements of intrinsic insight are flowing from either your mind or your fingers.  So you walk away from the screen.  Maybe you find something else to occupy your time.  Maybe you even forget about that screen and that malevolent, mocking cursor.  Better still, the frenetic tide of the endless, twisting mass of aborted narrative fades from memory.  Satisfied with your present endeavor, you might again allow your mind to wander off to the ever-growing abundance of Things That Need To Be Done.

And, then, slowly you find yourself drawn back to that screen.

And it waits silently.

The menacing glare of the cursor flickers steadily in the face of your newfound confidence.  You take a deep breath and mount your verbal offensive on the void that lies before you.  The soft sound of the keyboard lulls you into a steady stream of perfectly anti-aliased typefaces as the text block begins to grow larger.  Powerful imagery and profound thoughts power your narrative onwards, enveloping more and more of the negative space.  Your pace quickens as you enter line after line of inspired prose until the perfect conclusion drifts through your fingers and you sit back to admire That Which You Have Created.

After straining yourself from patting yourself on the back you confidently scroll back to the beginning and begin to read and . . . find yourself jabbing dejectedly at the Backspace key again.  The cursed cursor devours your magnum opus character by character until there is nothing left but the cold, unforgiving light of the blank screen.

Then you resolve yourself to tell the truth.

This is a blog about the storytelling process and my failures, struggles, and triumphs to give a voice to my ideas.  I hope that you enjoy it.

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