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ETSU Class of 1960 Alumni Reunion Project

Just completed this project for the Alumni Office at ETSU to promote and/or celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ETSU (then ETSC) Class of 1960.  Being that I’m working on a short-form documentary on the history of ETSU, a promo video for the Carter Train Museum, and trying to sew up rotoscoping for Choices, I decided to go light on the motion graphics this time around.  I mean a guy’s gotta sleep sometime, right?

Regardless, given the quick turnaround time required by the Class of ’60 project and my own time constraints, I decided to approach this project from a slightly different perspective and focus on cutting the footage to the soundtrack first as opposed to the other way around.  After cutting the base footage down in Final Cut, I moved over to Premiere so that I could utilize markers to sync the beats to the cuts and then import the Premiere project into After Effects and have access to the same markers in order to do use same tempo points to time the motion graphics.

If I’d had more time (and a less compressed schedule), I would have like to go a little further with the motion graphics in this project – possibly developed a 3d or 2.5d annual in which images on each “page” slowly animated into video.  All in all, though I feel reasonably satisfied with the results.

Anyway, here are the credits – filmed by Shannon Brown of the Office of eLearning at ETSU, onscreen talent includes various alums both the classes of 1960 & 1965 as well as others, and all post work was done by myself via Illustrator, Final Cut, Audition, Premiere, and After Effects CS5.

Test Render – 3D Logo

While marching on with rotoscoping on Choices, I’m currently putting together a short-form documentary for ETSU about George L. Carter, Southern railroad magnate and campus benefactor, and the Train Museum on campus named after him.  This logo, created by Phillip Brooks, was just one of the graphics elements that I’m currently working on for the project.  I will post some more renders as the project moves forward.

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