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Brainstorm VFX – Revisioning Atlantic City

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Boardwalk Empire, but, I’ll have to admit, they slipped in more visual effects shots of old Atlantic City and the Boardwalk, itself, than I realized. Check out all the work that went into digitally re-creating the sights and sounds courtesy of Brainstorm VFX.

YouTube Preview Image


Troll Hunter VFX Breakdown

Came across this breakdown reel the other day and was very impressed.

YouTube Preview Image

Of course, that hooked me and I checked out the movie itself. Good stuff & it turned out to be similar in style to Cloverfield – that is, if Cloverfield were set in Norway and was about trolls . . . Regardless, it’s a great film and, despite the PG-13 rating, delivers a fun and exciting ride. Check it out and be sure to give the makers some pub & buzz!

Official site here.

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