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Just watched this reel of test footage from the new Canon C300. The title says it all . . . awesome.

Video 3.0

First came my Sony Mini-DV HandyCam. Then, after cutting my teeth in HD on a rented Sony FX-1, I was able to upgrade to a JVC GY-HD100u – still on DV tape but relishing that 24p advantage. Now, after my best year as a video pro, I’ve dived into the world of DSLR cinematography and NO MORE TAPES!!! Here’s to the future . . . and to that 300 page manual that I’ve got to digest!

Dental Marketing

This intro is from a massive project that I completed in late September. The project was for NPI’s continuing dental education webinar series – Dental Marketing Summit Series – hosted on Dentaltown. The project consisted of a little over 7 hours of greenscreen footage that I edited down into 7 hour long episodes. Each episode had it’s own custom intro and outro and a myriad of slides in between. All slides and intros were written by co-host Mark Dilatush and I provided the design & animation. This is the opener for the first episode.

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