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See this movie!

I just watched The Human Centipede 2 the other day and was blown away. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a well done, dark noir thriller, but every element of this film stood out to me in so many ways. Martin , the title character played by Laurence Harvey, was truly visceral and believable as the central character who barely speaks but captivates as a modern day Peter Lorre. Really amazing cinematography as well! I felt like I was watching Fritz Lang’s M on steroids. So, if you have the stomach it’s definitely worth 90 minutes of your life!

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How 3D films are made

I came across this really interesting article on how several recent 3d films have been put together and thought I’d share!


Harlequin Book Trailer now live!

A book trailer that I put together for Harlequin Publishing is now live! Check it out below:

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