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spaces_103ED_BQ_32MB (20963)

Episode 3 of Spaces is now officially in the books. It took a little longer to wrap production on this episode due to the inevitable scattering of acting talent that so often happens at the end of the semester, but, ultimately, I’m really happy with how everything came together. Episode 3 introduces us to Dr. Ward Rothschild, Charlotte’s father, who is played masterfully by ETSU Theatre professor Bobby Funk. Intellectually overbearing and strangely aloof, Ward presents himself as the next hurdle for Mason to clear in his pursuit of Charlotte’s affections.

From a technical perspective, we once again relied on a combination of a Canon 60D, a pair of Sony HXR-NX5Us, and a GoPro Hero III and we also went with the boom mic a little more often with this episode when an operator was available. Once again, I chose to return to the Facetime/Skype style video chat app to drive anther chaotic moment between Mason and his buddies. Additionally, when we were filming inside the cafeteria, we were short on cameras so I utilized the GoPro to capture the action as Steve and Sheldon frantically scribble notes to Mason during his meeting with Ward. I was pleasantly surprised with the flexibility of the GoPro footage captured with the cinetune style enabled. There really was a lot more latitude available during color correction and Mocha was able to track the tablet screen rather easily with only minor tweaks here and there.

Episode 4 presents several potential production nightmares with several actors being present for at least one scene so I have my fingers crossed that we’ll be able to wrap up production on that episode later this month! Anyway, now for the credits…

The third episode was produced by ETSU Online and ETSU Parking Services and starring ETSU students Danielle Tucker and Everett Tarlton. Guest stars include Zach Starnes, Josh Holley, and Bobby Funk. I co-wrote the script for this episode with David Currie of the ETSU Office of eLearning who , along with Zion Madden of ETSU Online, served as assistant camera and audio technician. I served as Director, D.P., and Editor. All post-production was completed with Final Cut, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Mocha, and After Effects. Enjoy!

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Townie Vision

Townie Meeting2 013_v1 (00045)

I just wrapped up another Townie Convention series and found another opportunity to work in some more 3d titles with Element 3D. One of these days I’m going to have to find an excuse to bring Maya back into my workflow, but it’s amazing to be able to do so much now with motion graphics inside of After Effects and I haven’t even scratched the surface of E3D’s capabilities. Anyway, check out the results below and special thanks to Paul Folger of iNNOV8 Productions for his fine camerawork & the folks at NPI for producing!


Spaces – Episode 2

spaces_102_unedited master (15767)

We’re deep into the production schedule for the Spaces series with filming for episode 3 nearly complete. The series has taken a sort of life of it’s own at this point as the scripts have grown exponentially as we’ve sought to develop the existing characters to a greater degree. In episode 2, I added a few more visual effects elements by incorporating a simulated Facetime or Skype style app to Mason’s phone so we could utilize a couple different locations and characters at the same time to add to the elevated sense of tension that Charlotte feels as her secret is revealed. I co-wrote the script for episode 2 with David Currie but, with certain sections, we encouraged the actors do a little improv here and there and they did a fantastic job of breathing more life into their expanded roles.

To make the video chat sequence more interesting, we utilized the GoPro Hero III to a far greater degree in the production pipeline with very positive results. In all, during the cafeteria side of the exchange, we were running the GoPro, 2 Sony HXR-NX5u Cameras, and my Canon 60D simultaneously so we could incorporate several cutaways from the chat session to develop a little personal history from Mason’s friends, Steve and Sheldon.  Surprisingly enough, we still managed to get all our shots over the course of two afternoons and incorporate a new character, Valentina, into our little burgeoning drama. Luckily, we were able to run with a 3 person crew consisting of myself, David Currie and Zion Madden for most of the second day where we filmed the exterior, car shots, and the museum. We also again opted for the lavalier mics for the bulk of both shoots with sometimes mixed results (rustling clothing and a little feedback here and there), however, they really came in handy for the cafeteria shoot as a boom mic would have definitely caught ambient audio from the festival going on just outside the glass doors. Going forward with filming for episode 4, I do intend to rely a lot more heavily on the boom mic since we will be filming in more controlled environments where one camera can be locked down.

I edited the the footage with Final Cut and Premiere, cleaned and graded the footage with After Effects, utilized Mocha and After Effects to handle the visual effects shots, and processed the audio with Audition. You can check out the results below and check back for part 3!

Creating Spaces

spaces web series

I’ve been working on a new kind of project this year that’s a little off the beaten path for a typical promotional video for the university. A few months back our department was approached by the head of parking services at ETSU to create a series of videos that underscored most of the common issues with parking violations on campus while “softening” their image on campus. Our department director suggested that going with a narrative web series that featured the violations driven by a larger storyline might draw more viewers and broaden the comprehension while not sounding too preachy – thus Spaces was born.

By allowing our department to have a little creative freedom with the project, we decided to create a comedic series that focused on an awkward yet endearing online student named Mason who is tentatively pursuing traditional student Charlotte by offering to give her a ride to class. After holding auditions with ETSU theater students, we settled on the leads and the winner of the part of Mason suggested that he had a couple of friends who would be glad to participate – and the parts of Mason’s geeky friends Steve and Sheldon were created.

The first episode consisted of a two man crew featuring myself with my Canon 60D and our director, David Currie, with a Sony HXR-NX5u filming our leads played by Everett Tarlton (Mason) and Danielle Tucker (Charlotte) as well as guest stars Zach Starnes (Sheldon) and Josh Holley (Steve) in three different locations across campus one Friday afternoon based on a script by David Currie. Due to being shorthanded, we ran most of the production with lavalier mics except when we could afford to lock one camera down to use a boom mic.

I edited the resulting footage with Final Cut and Premiere, cleaned and graded the footage with After Effects, utilized Mocha and After Effects to handle the visual effects shots, and processed the audio with Audition. You can check out the results below and check back for parts 2-4!

Looking Skywards with Got Aerial LLC

Just finished a motion graphics project for rc aerial photography & cinematography company Got Aerial last week. This was my first project working with the Element 3D plugin for After Effects from VideoCopilot.

First impressions working with the plugin are definitely promising. The biggest issues I ran into depend on what 3d tracker you employ to work with Element. I had some solid tracks with the 3D Camera Tracker plugin that ships with AE CS6, but, too often, the shots proved to be a little too much for the tracker to deliver anything solid due to the constant changes in perspective. Ultimately, I relied on The Foundry’s CameraTracker for most of the shots with very reliable results. The reel title mountain ridge flyover, however, proved to be too much for either the 3D Camera Tracker or the Foundry CameraTracker. For this particular case, I found the best results with PfTrack which provided me with a rock-solid track that I was able to use for both the Element 3D Text and the main title “The Art of Flying” which I created in Cinema 4D. Originally, I had created the title with the Element plugin, but, due to some strange artifacting, I switched to C4D to solve the issue. Overall, it was a fun and challenging project and an excellent opportunity to log my first project run with Element & AE CS6!

Check out the final results below. All footage by Got Aerial LLC and music by Krewella.

YouTube Preview Image

New Motion Graphics Reel now live!

Finally found the time to punch up my mograph reel. Have a look below:

YouTube Preview Image


Dental Marketing

This intro is from a massive project that I completed in late September. The project was for NPI’s continuing dental education webinar series – Dental Marketing Summit Series – hosted on Dentaltown. The project consisted of a little over 7 hours of greenscreen footage that I edited down into 7 hour long episodes. Each episode had it’s own custom intro and outro and a myriad of slides in between. All slides and intros were written by co-host Mark Dilatush and I provided the design & animation. This is the opener for the first episode.

Brainstorm VFX – Revisioning Atlantic City

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Boardwalk Empire, but, I’ll have to admit, they slipped in more visual effects shots of old Atlantic City and the Boardwalk, itself, than I realized. Check out all the work that went into digitally re-creating the sights and sounds courtesy of Brainstorm VFX.

YouTube Preview Image


Troll Hunter VFX Breakdown

Came across this breakdown reel the other day and was very impressed.

YouTube Preview Image

Of course, that hooked me and I checked out the movie itself. Good stuff & it turned out to be similar in style to Cloverfield – that is, if Cloverfield were set in Norway and was about trolls . . . Regardless, it’s a great film and, despite the PG-13 rating, delivers a fun and exciting ride. Check it out and be sure to give the makers some pub & buzz!

Official site here.

ETSU Public Housing Clinic Presentation

Just got this opener together and approved for the College of Nursing to be used in their presentation to a national nursing conference on the plan of care regarding their Public Housing Clinic initiatives with the JCHC. Script, narration, and photography supplied by the ETSU College of Nursing with additional photography courtesy of University Photographer Charles Warden. Video footage filmed by Zion Madden of ETSU Digital Media Services. I was responsible for motion graphics, animation, and scoring with Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, and SonicFire Pro. Nothing super special here, but I thought I’d share the results.

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