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3D Portfolio Redesign

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Threw a bit of the kitchen sink in on this one in terms of jQuery tricks.  Still getting my feet wet with all of that madness, so don’t expect anything to come through your screen and drastically alter the course of your very existence . . . just yet.  The new 3D reel is also in the works but in a bit of a holding pattern as the new Compositing and Editing reels are ahead of it in the queue.  As always, all the new stuff will include exerts from the great phantom that is Choices.  ‘Til next time.

Recent project – Hut TV

I was recently contracted to provide some broadcast graphics, visual effects, and video editing for  The subject of their promotional videos was the First Annual African Angelz Fashion Show in Sacramento, CA earlier this year.  The show featured performances by recording artist Koby Maxwell and comedian Michael Blackson as well as fashions from top African designers and models by way of African Angelz.

Have a look.

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