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31 Days of Horror – Day 27 – 6 Films to Keep You Awake

6 Films to Keep You Awake

We’re almost through 31 days and I’ve managed not to include any horror anthologies . . . until now. 6 Films to Keep You Awake is a horror anthology from some of the finest horror directors in Spain featuring Mateo Gil’s Spectre, Alex De La Iglesia’s The Baby’s Room, Jaume Balaguero’s To Let, Enrique Urbizu’s A Real Friend, Paco Plaza’s A Christmas Tale, and Narciso Cerrador’s Blame. Spectre tells the story of a man haunted by a bizarre and supernatural love affair from his past, The Baby’s Room focuses on a shadowy figure who haunts a family’s new home, in To Let a young couple faces the onslaught of the landlady from hell, imaginary friends prove to be deadly in A Real Friend, a group of kids face down a vicious criminal dressed as Santa in A Christmas Tale, and Blame provides a grim abortion fable. The crown jewels of this collection are To Let, The Baby’s Room and A Christmas tale, but that should come as no surprise as that group of filmmakers would go on after this anthology to work on The Last Circus and the REC franchise. This is not to say that the other 3 are not solid and entertaining films. I’m just a little biased towards De La Iglesia, Plaza, and Balaguero’s work. In short, it’s an excellent, relatively unknown collection that offers a primer on some of the finest horror filmmakers Spain has to offer.

The Baby’s Room on IMDb

To Let on IMDb

The Christmas Tale on IMDb

A Real Friend on IMDb

Spectre on IMDb

Blame on IMDb

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31 Days of Horror – Day 11 – Apartment 143

Apartment 143

Ten films in and I realized that there were no ghost movies in this list. Luckily, I caught Carles Torrens’ Apartment 143 last weekend. Like most recent releases in the paranormal genre, the movie goes the found footage route and centers on a team of parapsychologists who set up camp in the living room of the White family in apartment 143. A recent widower and his 2 children have been experiencing strange events in their new apartment after fleeing similar phenomena in their previous home. Unlike many other found footage paranormal films, things actually happen in Apartment 143 and it’s not one fuzzy camera shot at the end to justify sitting through an hour and a half of mundane chit-chat. There is definitely something wrong with this family because, when things really kick into another gear, it gets personal real quick. Apartment 143 is dramatic, unapologetic, and boasts a solid cast that delivers a tense and entertaining film that will make you wonder why you sat through all those other paranormal snorefests.

Apartment 143 on IMDb

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Hearing is Believing

Just caught this trailer online and thought I’d drop a link.

YouTube Preview Image

In the vein of Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, and the Last Exorcism this flick goes with the same POV/Handheld low-tech approach to realistic horror. The thing that struck me most about it, however, wasn’t the visuals but the sound. Watch it on mute the first time and then watch again with the audio turned on. Amazing how the senses can be tricked into seeing/anticipating more when the threat is merely audial isn’t it?

Something Down There?

Happened across a great location recently. ┬áIt’s perfect for one of those “you don’t want to go down there” type flicks we’ve all seen about 100 times. ┬áNever get sick of those . . .

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


Anyway, with daylight approaching at long last with regard to Choices and the web re-design, it might be time to see what’s Below . . .

Revisit Dyer’s Eve

Just dropping a line to let everyone know that you can now see Dyer’s Eve on YouTube as well as


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The Official Site

A mysterious package leads a team of reality show ghost hunters who fake hauntings for ratings to a supposed haunted house in rural Arkham, Kentucky. Led by their megalomaniac leader and producer, Sebastian Crowe, the team proceeds to set up their equipment, while, in the dark recesses of the house, something has begun to stir. As night falls, Crowe and the others must come face to face with the repercussions of their disrespect for the dead and the true spirit of the Curse of Arkham. Some secrets are best left buried.

Production Status: Completed

Genres: Horror, Dark Humor, Thriller, Mockumentary

Release Date: SPRING 2008

Director : Jake VanHuss

Cast: Chris Jones, Andrew Simmons, Archie Fitzgerald, Doris VanHuss, Tiffany Fitzgerald, Walter VanHuss, Nii Adjaidoo, and Jake VanHuss

Producers: Jake VanHuss, Primus Tillman, Robert Helvey, Marty Fitzgerald & Walter VanHuss

Studio(s): Darkfilm Entertainment, Virtual Graphics

Screenplay: Jake VanHuss, Rose VanHuss, and Chris Jones

Story: Jake VanHuss & Rose VanHuss

Cinematographer(s): Jake VanHuss & Andrew Simmons

1st Assistant Director: Andrew Simmons

Stunt Coordinator: Archie Fitzgerald

Music by: Brad Davies, Floyd Hood, & The People of Ghengis

Visual Effects: The Freakshow

Visual Effects and Compositing: Jake VanHuss

Editor: Jake VanHuss

Sound Design and Mixing: Brad Davies & Jake VanHuss

Format: HD 1920×1080

Special thanks: The City of Blountville, TN; David Jones; The Tri-City Regional Airport; Robert Helvey; Video Copilot; East Tennessee State University, Adobe Systems, 2d3, Sony, and Autodesk.

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