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ETSU Public Housing Clinic Presentation

Just got this opener together and approved for the College of Nursing to be used in their presentation to a national nursing conference on the plan of care regarding their Public Housing Clinic initiatives with the JCHC. Script, narration, and photography supplied by the ETSU College of Nursing with additional photography courtesy of University Photographer Charles Warden. Video footage filmed by Zion Madden of ETSU Digital Media Services. I was responsible for motion graphics, animation, and scoring with Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, and SonicFire Pro. Nothing super special here, but I thought I’d share the results.

Recent Project – RN to BSN Online Degree Program Promo

Just finished this project last week before the holiday and thought I’d share the outcome. The shoot, aside from the community clip, was completely unscripted and originally presented to me as a locked down, simultaneous, two camera shoot. In an effort to make things a little more interesting, I suggested that we utilize a pair of wheelchairs to serve as camera dollies.

Once the shoot was completed I was also presented the issue of how to incorporate SD NTSC footage shot with a Sony Betacam with HD 1080p 30 fps footage shot in the other room with a Sony HXR-NX5. Obviously, the HD footage would have to be scaled down from its captured resolution to be edited with the SD footage, so I brought the HD footage down to a D1 Widescreen Square Pixel resolution and, subsequently, de-interlaced and scaled the SD footage to the same resolution in After Effects.

Once I edited the clips together into relevant sections, I opted for a more subdued motion graphics sequence than I typically put together in the effort to convey a more relaxed atmosphere for the promo. Finally, I rendered out a master copy and resized that to 720p.

Thanks to Josh Elliott and David Currie of the ETSU eLearning department for filming with the second camera and their fine wheelchair driving skills!

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