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Compositing Reel 2013

03_MadMax (00064)

Just finished my new compositing reel for 2013 and was able to work in some never before seen shots from Choices along the way! Check it out below…

Harlequin Book Trailer now live!

A book trailer that I put together for Harlequin Publishing is now live! Check it out below:

YouTube Preview Image


A morning in the cemetary . . .

I found myself in Jones borough, TN with a little time to kill the other morning so I took a walk through Meadowlawn Cemetary and snapped some stills . . .

To check out the whole shoot, follow the link below to my Flickr set

New Motion Graphics Reel now live!

Finally found the time to punch up my mograph reel. Have a look below:

YouTube Preview Image


Commercial Spot for ETSU Online

Just found out that the new commercial spots that I re-designed for ETSU Online will start airing next week. Here’s a sample

YouTube Preview Image


Thought for the day . . .

I was messing around with a design in Photoshop and came up with this!



Carter Legacy

I finally got the time to get this one finished – at last. Carter Legacy a mini-documentary that tells the story of how East Tennessee State University was founded and the role its benefactor, George L. Carter, played in making the school’s founding a reality. John Fleenor, Media Collections Manager at ETSU’s Archives of Appalachia, provides narration of a story by Ned Irwin, University Archivist. David Currie, Josh Elliot, and Jason Jones assisted with the live action shoot and all still photography was provided by the University Photo Lab, the Archives of Appalachia, and the website Johnson’s Depot. Thanks & props also goes to ETSU Digital Media Services who produced the project and aided in the distribution. I served as director, editor, visual effects artist, and producer utilizing Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and Audition on a Mac & PC.

This project required a massive amount of Photoshop & After Effects work for the 2D/3D shots which I’ll go into a little more in a future post. It will be featured during ETSU’s Centennial Celebration next month. Check it out below.

YouTube Preview Image


Finally got this one online so I thought I’d say a few words about it.  This video was created as a PSA for the ETSU College of Pharmacy.  The script was written by the pharmacy students who also seved as the talent.  On the production side, I was assisted by Leena Agrawal of the Office of eLearning, and in post by Rob Russell who provided the main voiceover as well as the vending machine “voice.”  I used After Effects, Mocha, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Audition to complete the post duties.

3D Portfolio Redesign

Jake's 3D Generalist Portfolio

One step closer to web organization of

Go there now!

Threw a bit of the kitchen sink in on this one in terms of jQuery tricks.  Still getting my feet wet with all of that madness, so don’t expect anything to come through your screen and drastically alter the course of your very existence . . . just yet.  The new 3D reel is also in the works but in a bit of a holding pattern as the new Compositing and Editing reels are ahead of it in the queue.  As always, all the new stuff will include exerts from the great phantom that is Choices.  ‘Til next time.

New Editor Portfolio Live

Jake's Editing & Cinematography Portfolio

Slowly but surely the subsite redesign is coming together.

Go there and check it out by clicking here!

The editing reel itself is still a work in progress at present as some of the included clips will contain never-before-seen snippings from Choices.  Now how’s that for drama?  Check back for updates . . .


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