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New Motion Graphics Reel now live!

Finally found the time to punch up my mograph reel. Have a look below:

YouTube Preview Image


I think I can see daylight . . .

I’ve been under the gun for the past couple months with several new projects, but I think I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I had the opportunity to do several business profiles in January & early February for Dex One so here are a few of those to pass the time!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

I’ll be posting more completed projects soon so stay tuned!

Make a Super Macro DIY

Just caught this amazing little workaround for those not intimidated by epoxy, solder, razors, and risking the destruction of a Canon DSLR kit lens.

YouTube Preview Image

And here’s a quick look at the resulting footage.

YouTube Preview Image

In a word – ingenious.


Just watched this reel of test footage from the new Canon C300. The title says it all . . . awesome.

Video 3.0

First came my Sony Mini-DV HandyCam. Then, after cutting my teeth in HD on a rented Sony FX-1, I was able to upgrade to a JVC GY-HD100u – still on DV tape but relishing that 24p advantage. Now, after my best year as a video pro, I’ve dived into the world of DSLR cinematography and NO MORE TAPES!!! Here’s to the future . . . and to that 300 page manual that I’ve got to digest!

Carter Legacy

I finally got the time to get this one finished – at last. Carter Legacy a mini-documentary that tells the story of how East Tennessee State University was founded and the role its benefactor, George L. Carter, played in making the school’s founding a reality. John Fleenor, Media Collections Manager at ETSU’s Archives of Appalachia, provides narration of a story by Ned Irwin, University Archivist. David Currie, Josh Elliot, and Jason Jones assisted with the live action shoot and all still photography was provided by the University Photo Lab, the Archives of Appalachia, and the website Johnson’s Depot. Thanks & props also goes to ETSU Digital Media Services who produced the project and aided in the distribution. I served as director, editor, visual effects artist, and producer utilizing Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, and Audition on a Mac & PC.

This project required a massive amount of Photoshop & After Effects work for the 2D/3D shots which I’ll go into a little more in a future post. It will be featured during ETSU’s Centennial Celebration next month. Check it out below.

YouTube Preview Image

Playing with fire

Moving Picture Company released a new FX breakdown recently that showcases an awesome frozen time effect in a burning room. Check it out:

YouTube Preview Image


Hearing is Believing

Just caught this trailer online and thought I’d drop a link.

YouTube Preview Image

In the vein of Blair Witch, Paranormal Activity, and the Last Exorcism this flick goes with the same POV/Handheld low-tech approach to realistic horror. The thing that struck me most about it, however, wasn’t the visuals but the sound. Watch it on mute the first time and then watch again with the audio turned on. Amazing how the senses can be tricked into seeing/anticipating more when the threat is merely audial isn’t it?


Finally got this one online so I thought I’d say a few words about it.  This video was created as a PSA for the ETSU College of Pharmacy.  The script was written by the pharmacy students who also seved as the talent.  On the production side, I was assisted by Leena Agrawal of the Office of eLearning, and in post by Rob Russell who provided the main voiceover as well as the vending machine “voice.”  I used After Effects, Mocha, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Audition to complete the post duties.

MPC – Revisioning Clash of the Titans

I remember going to the the old school Harry Hamlin flick when I was a kid, and, when I heard about the remake, I thought the same as a lot of people – BAD IDEA.  Then I saw it – sans 3D on Blu-Ray – and I did a complete 180.  Maybe it didn’t hold up for some critics, but I was more than pleased.  So, just in case you were wondering, here’s some of how they made it happen.

YouTube Preview Image

Man, it must be awesome to have a team like that.

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