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Compositing Reel 2013

03_MadMax (00064)

Just finished my new compositing reel for 2013 and was able to work in some never before seen shots from Choices along the way! Check it out below…

Graphics in Motion for ETSU’s CPA

CPA_SU2013_1080p_32MB_v1 (06542)

Another fast turnaround was called for with this recent promo video for ETSU’s Basler Center for Physical Activity. With a little less than a week until a previously agreed to deadline (that I was blissfully unaware of until this little jewel hit my desk), I was able to cobble a couple hours of b-roll, an extra long script, and a little flash and dash courtesy of After Effects into the piece above.

Videography by David Currie and Jason Jones of the ETSU Office of eLearning, talent provided by the staff and students at the CPA, and voiceover, editing, and post-production performed by myself utilizing Final Cut, Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

YouTube Preview Image

Looking Skywards with Got Aerial LLC

Just finished a motion graphics project for rc aerial photography & cinematography company Got Aerial last week. This was my first project working with the Element 3D plugin for After Effects from VideoCopilot.

First impressions working with the plugin are definitely promising. The biggest issues I ran into depend on what 3d tracker you employ to work with Element. I had some solid tracks with the 3D Camera Tracker plugin that ships with AE CS6, but, too often, the shots proved to be a little too much for the tracker to deliver anything solid due to the constant changes in perspective. Ultimately, I relied on The Foundry’s CameraTracker for most of the shots with very reliable results. The reel title mountain ridge flyover, however, proved to be too much for either the 3D Camera Tracker or the Foundry CameraTracker. For this particular case, I found the best results with PfTrack which provided me with a rock-solid track that I was able to use for both the Element 3D Text and the main title “The Art of Flying” which I created in Cinema 4D. Originally, I had created the title with the Element plugin, but, due to some strange artifacting, I switched to C4D to solve the issue. Overall, it was a fun and challenging project and an excellent opportunity to log my first project run with Element & AE CS6!

Check out the final results below. All footage by Got Aerial LLC and music by Krewella.

YouTube Preview Image

Motion Graphics for ETSU College of Education

Just finished a series of videos for the Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis doctoral program at ETSU’s College of Education. All videography was provided by Jason Jones and Zion Madden of the ETSU Office of eLearning and talent by Dr. Bethany Flora, Dr. Don Good, and ETSU president Dr. Brian Noland. I performed all post-production duties with Final Cut, Audition, and After Effects.

More from the Carter Railroad Museum

Just finished another pair of documentary vids for the George L. Carter Railroad Museum at ETSU. These videos give a quick tour of the construction of the upcoming Tweetsie Railroad exhibit led by museum director Dr. Fred Alsop.

Harlequin Book Trailer now live!

A book trailer that I put together for Harlequin Publishing is now live! Check it out below:

YouTube Preview Image


A morning in the cemetary . . .

I found myself in Jones borough, TN with a little time to kill the other morning so I took a walk through Meadowlawn Cemetary and snapped some stills . . .

To check out the whole shoot, follow the link below to my Flickr set

New Motion Graphics Reel now live!

Finally found the time to punch up my mograph reel. Have a look below:

YouTube Preview Image


Commercial Spot for ETSU Online

Just found out that the new commercial spots that I re-designed for ETSU Online will start airing next week. Here’s a sample

YouTube Preview Image


Thought for the day . . .

I was messing around with a design in Photoshop and came up with this!



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