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31 Days of Horror – Day 17 – [REC]


For me, the holy grail of cinema verite movement in horror films of the last half dozen years has to be the REC franchise. The initial film in the series, [REC], has spawned numerous imitators and left a mark on the genre with its intensity and creativity. The story follows Barcelona TV reporter Angelina who, while making a documentary about the lives of late-night fireman, rides along on an emergency call to an apartment complex only to find it infested with zombie plague and trapped inside by a government quarantine. The POV style narrative finds a way to exploit the strengths of the cinema verite style and provide the viewer with an inside the chaos view that almost feels like a haunted house ride of life-or-death proportions. This was definitely the film that opened my eyes to just how good modern Spanish horror films could be. Don’t waste your time with its butchered American copycat cousin, Quarantine. [REC] and its resulting 2 sequels are a franchise that belong in horror royalty.

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31 Days of Horror – Day 14 – Deadgirl


This movie was, by far, one weird little morality play. Two teenage guys, Rickie & JT, exploring a condemned mental institution are chased by a dog and stumble upon what appears to be a naked, dead girl with a plastic bag on her head strapped to a table. Initially fearing that they stumbled upon the work of a sadistic killer, the pair are surprised when she moves. JT wants to keep her but Rickie is horrified and leaves, only to return with a gun. JT, meanwhile, has discovered that the girl is one of the undead and proves it to Rickie by taking the gun and shooting her as the girl only growls and snaps back at them. JT wants to keep her as their own personal sex slave, Rickie balks at the idea and spends the rest of the movie trying to find a way to free her. Other young men become involved and, eventually, the dead girl is able to injure a few, including JT, and pass on her curse. In the end, JT descends into madness and Richie pays dearly for not acting decisively against his friend. Deadgirl is a film not unlike River’s Edge about the rite of passage wherein innocence is lost in the exploration and discovery of sex and death. There’s a lot more going on psychologically under the hood of this film than meets the eye.

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31 Days of Horror – Day 08 – Exit Humanity

Exit Humanity

There have been many modern, urban zombie films but this was the first cinematic outbreak set in Civil War era Tennessee. The setting is not the only quality that sets this zombie film apart from the numerous other recent entries in the genre. The script is deep and introspective as the tale unfolds in the words of the narrator, Malcolm Young (as voiced by Brian Cox), as he reads from the journal of his ancestor, the protagonist, Edward Young. Young’s plight finds him grieving the loss of his family to the zombie plague and roaming the countryside battling the undead in an effort to bring eternal rest to his dead son. In the end, a weary Edward encounters other survivors and the realization that sometimes the living pose a greater menace than the undead.

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31 Days of Horror – Day 03 – Severed: Forest of the Dead

Severed: Forest of the Dead

Some days I just want to kick back and watch a zombie movie and Severed: Forest of the Dead fit that description. It’s not a great film and it won’t make anybody forget the name Romero, but, for anybody who’s willing to go along for the ride, it’s a fun movie. After all, how many times in your life are you going to visit a zombie logging camp?

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